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Mail Merge for Microsoft Access 64-Bit & 32-Bit [by Lubonko] Download Free

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Category: Internet|E-mail|Mail Utilities
Developer: AGORA Software BV
Size: 13 Mb
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4TOPS circular of Microsoft Access is the ultimate solution if you want to create using Microsoft Word documents and e-mail data from Microsoft Access Database . Documents can be created easily at any level of complexity (eg contracts). Selectively producing documents is as easy using selecting the records, filters and record selectors. Circular of Microsoft Access supports labels, envelopes, directory listings and one of the main uses of all types reports.Mail Merge administrative software. It is widely used in all areas of the industry, typically the users who need to create documents access to the business Office application (quotations, letters, invoices, contracts, reports). Professionals that collect data for engineering, research or other purpose and want to create complex documents (surveys, reports, audits , ...). Circular of Microsoft Access can be used both professional Access developers and Access power users. Circular of Microsoft Access differs from other Mail Merge software on the market.





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