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ExeScript (bezeaka)

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Category: Programming|Coding languages / Compilers
Developer: Everstrike Software
Size: 12 Mb
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ExeScript is application software that allows you to convert batch files (bat.), Visual Basic and Java scripts executable file (exe.) in less than 30 protected areas seconds.It the bat., Vbs. And JS. CAD files from other users accidentally or intentionally. In addition, ExeScript the contents of these files so they can not see. This means that all actions taken by the batch file, Basic or Java script is not and can not be used to reverse engineer file.ExeScript or crack is an excellent solution for advanced users PC Who does not know of any language. They can create (compile) file its own administration without written Lines of code.There number of features unique to this project, for example However, support silent mode - a stealth batch file feature that makes the implementation of a arrow conversion invisible to other users. Who knows some programming will like the fact that there ExeScript build bat. A, vbs. And JS. Editorial material nature operates and revision of a file process.ExeScript simple and provides a number of benefits. For example, it can be used for automating scheduled tasks execution. You can also use the program to help you create installation files and perform simple and fast modules.ExeScript compiles a bat., Vbs. And JS. Files. Exe File Format.





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